Closing, as of October 9, 2016. Thank you for your patronage.

Hello all out here in the land of faces I cannot see. By now I'm sure you all have heard about John and I retiring and closing Pat's Pizza. I would like to share with you the letter I sent to the editor.


Pat’s Pizza in Bethel will be closing its doors on Sunday, October 9, 2016. To all our loyal customers, and 100’s of employees that have walked through our doors we thank you for being a part of our family. Thank you for the memories.

If you have any Pat’s Pizza Black gift cards you can use them at any Pat’s pizza in Maine, as well as using them here until we close. Donation gift certificates for Pat’s Pizza in Bethel and the frequent pizza card program are not transferable to other Pat’s Pizzas. We will accept them until we close.

To our loyal and devoted staff - Thank you is not a big enough word.

Jane Smith 19 years of service - If I were to choose one word to describe Jane it would be Genuine, a wonderful trait to have. Customers loved her as do we.

Samantha Wells 9 years of service - Samantha was always our right and left hand, she always stepped in were ever she was needed from cashier, bartender, hostess, dishwasher, prep cook, line cook. And this could be in one hour. Sam’s devotion to us and Pat’s Pizza was always heartfelt.

Alex Crockett 6 years of service - Alex has always been a dedicated employee. I don’t recall ever asking her to work where she said “no I can’t” Alex was always willing to stay late, come in early, work for someone on her day off. And she never complained once.

Kristy York 1 year of service - Your upbeat personality added laughter to each shift. Thank you for always wanting to keep learning new positions.

Mandy Berry 1 year of service - Your calm presence in any kind of situation is very much appreciated.

To the rest of our staff that has been with us a short time: Katherine Gagne, Megan Clark, Olivia York and Mike Laforte. Thank you for choosing Pat’s Pizza to work at, your time with us is greatly appreciated.

In 22 years we have watched many businesses come and go or change ownership. And we feel very proud to say that we stood at 37 Mayville Road in Bethel, Maine, as 1 owner for 22 years. That is monumental. Not many restaurants can say that in this area. And I’m sure in the beginning someone said they won’t make 2 years.

John and I moved to Bethel Maine in 1994 to begin a new chapter in our life. We both worked in management positions in a corporation environment. We found Bethel in the late 1980’s. Our love for the outdoors, in all 4 seasons brought us to buy a condominium in 1989. Giving us a place to land every Friday night for 5 years. We would spend every weekend and all of our 4 week’s vacation in the mountains of Bethel. We would ski, hike, canoe, mountain bike, or just relax in our cozy little condo.

So when we were approached to invest in Pat’s Pizza, we carefully thought about this major life change. We felt in order to move to Bethel permanently we would have to buy ourselves jobs. The reason we choose Pat’s Pizza was because of its reputation in Maine. This franchise is very family orientated. After much consideration we felt this was a good fit for our life style. Bethel Offers a low key environment, all of our outdoor entertainment, a place where everyone knows your name and no traffic lights.

Twenty -Two years have gone by in a flash. We are now in our 60’s and are retiring. We built a life in Bethel, our plan at this moment in time is to stay in Bethel. To enjoy the next chapter of our lives in our home in the peace of the mountains. Or you may find me teaching a quilt class or volunteering at the Bethel Historical Society. With Heartfelt Sincerity, Thank you for the years.

Donna and John Gillis

Pat's Pizza, Bethel, Maine